Administer Wealth

As important as building wealth, managing your wealth in a coordinated manner is just as important to reach all of your goals.

Now that you’ve built your wealth and have determined how to manage that wealth for the long-term, it’s time you partner with somebody who can help coordinate all aspects of your financial life. We’ll work with you to help:

  • Avoid unnecessary investment risks
  • Maximize portfolio returns
  • Plan and potentially reduce tax implications
  • Determine additional goals and future needs such as education planning and philanthropic gifting
  • Coordinate with your estate planning attorney, family office, CPA, and other designated financial professionals

Tax Considerations & Planning

Efficient tax strategies include vigilant selection of particular investments, as well as the timing of the purchase and sale of those investments. Our Portfolio Management team will work closely with you to develop a strategic plan to invest and divest assets in consideration with any potential tax implications. In addition, we work with CPAs to help them best understand our proprietary investment strategies, as well as coordinate tax gains or losses of other investments within portfolios in order for optimal use of qualified accounts versus non-qualified accounts. Through this in-depth knowledge, our goal is to provide a fully integrated suite of services to most efficiently manage any tax considerations.