Construct Wealth

Analyze goals

It’s impossible to build an appropriate portfolio to suit your specific needs without having a solid understanding of the goals you wish to attain through your accumulated wealth. Reilly Financial Advisors can work collaboratively with you and your designated other financial professionals to help achieve your goals.

Investment Modeling

Once your goals have been anazlyed, the Portfolio Management team at Reilly Financial Advisors develops a personalized investment strategy, taking into consideration any tax implications of implementing the new strategy. Your portfolio will combine:

  • Traditional stocks and bonds
  • Accredited investment options only available to accredited investors, such as hedge funds, private equity, private real estate and specialized capital managers that are not available to most investors

This overlay portfolio strategy, only for the accredited investor, allows you to take advantage of both traditional and alternative investment options to further build your portfolio, while still providing liquidity that market volatility of markets past has taught us is vitally important.

In addition, we will recommend that your final portfolio construction adhere to traditional asset allocation, combining individual stocks and bonds with alternative investment options. Our Investment Committee evaluates the international marketplace regularly, and rotates within sectors consistent with global economic analysis. These portfolio investments and risk exposure decisions help guide how to best reach your short and long-term goals.