Transition Wealth

It’s estimated that $100 trillion in wealth will transfer between 1999-2055. Unfortunately, 70% of that wealth does not survive the second generation.

The key to successful wealth transitions is communicative and collaborative family meetings, in which future wishes and legacies are clearly communicated to all heirs.

You’ve spent considerable time amassing and maintaining your wealth. Now it is time to explore and communicate your options to pass your wealth to the next generation. Reilly Financial Advisors is uniquely prepared to help coordinate and engage in family wealth transition discussions in the role as the facilitator, to the degree which you control and in adherence with your goals. By including a seasoned and neutral third-party, you can help ensure that your future wishes are well communicated and better understood.

Our planning includes preparation of agendas and discussion of what will and will not be disclosed. Family wealth transition meetings include discussion of estate planning importance, tax planning in order to mitigate critical tax issues, management of existing assets, and philanthropic planning.

  • Make a plan
  • Work with RFA to effectively and efficiently communicate that plan to heirs
  • Determine the best way to execute on that plan

You’re in a special position. You’ve built wealth, and you need more than the traditional investor. Let Reilly Financial Advisors coordinate all aspects of your financial life to truly help you achieve your unique financial needs.